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This page has been created to allow access to art I have created for a variety of  Live Music CDR's.  I have only included art that I have produced myself as a result of not being able to find the art from other sources.  Please feel free to use and distribute the artwork free but do not under any circumstances use my art for shows you have traded for and then choose to sell through auction sites or other means.

If you are having problem finding artwork and like what you see then please feel free to contact me

If I have sufficient time I would be happy to make the art for you in exchange for a set-list and a copy of the show on CDR.

Just click the Links below to go to the art.  Enjoy!

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Bowie, David

The Thin White Duke 23 March1976   Front Cover     Back Cover


Dylan, Bob

Stirling Castle, Scotland  13th July 2001    Front Cover   Back Cover

Deacon Blue

Glasgow Barrowland 22 Dec 1989              Front & Insert      Back Cover

Wembley Arena, 11 Sept 1990                   Front & Insert       Back Cover


Carrack, Paul

King Biscuit flower hour 10th April 1988    Front Cover   Back Cover

Clapton, Eric

Best of 1974 Tour                     Front Cover    Back Cover

Cohen, Leonard

Diamonds in the Minefield         Front cover   Back cover  

Counting Crows

Adam & Immy Live at the Shim Sham Club 29 April 2001  Front Cover   Back Cover


Georgie Fame & the New Blue Flames    Front   Insert    Back    Disc 1     Disc 2   rear insert

On the Road to Wigan Pier 30 Sept 2001



Golden Gate Park Tree    Front Cover      Back Cover


Knopfler, Mark

Live at the BBC 15 April 1996    Front Cover    Back Cover

Kennedy, Brian

Take it to the Bridge  Compilation Tree         Front & Insert          Back


Marley Bob

New York City 18 June 1975    Front Cover   Back Cover

The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA.  30th October 1973    Front Cover    Back Cover

Stanley Theatre, 23rd September 1980    Front Cover    Back Cover

Morrison Van


Carnegie Hall, New York City, 18 May 1972    Front Cover   Back Cover

Memorial Auditorium - Marin, CA.  11 March 1973    Front Cover  Back Cover 

Odyssey Room, Sunnyvale CA, 21 May 1973     Front Cover    Back Cover

Troubadour LA  24 May 1973       Front Cover     Back Cover

Troubadour LA  27 May 1973        Front Cover     Back Cover        

Old Waldorf San Francisco,  7 Oct 1978           Front Cover      Back Cover

Wesleyan University, Middletown CT, 12 Oct 1978      Front Cover     Back Cover

Tower Theatre Philadelphia 20 Oct 1978 (late)            Front Cover       Back Cover

Van Forges ahead Sheffield city hall, 10 March 1979     Front Cover    Front insert     Back cover  

Beacon Theatre NYC 19 May 1985                             Front Cover     Back Cover

KKCY, 'The City' New Years Eve Special 31 Dec 1985  (Plus Maukberry's London 15 June 1977)  Front Cover  Back Cover

Dominion London 12th Oct 1985    Front Cover     Back Cover

Ulster Hall Belfast, 3 November 1986     Front Cover   Back Cover

Songs Of Innocence, Ulster Hall Belfast 15 Sept 1988    Front Cover      Back Cover

Milan 25 March 1992    Front Cover    Back Cover

Navy Blues, Portsmouth 14 Sept 2001  Front Cover   Back Cover

Queens Theatre Barnstable, 12 Jan 1999     Front & Insert     Back Cover

Masonic Auditorium 21 Jan 1999                 Front Cover       Back Cover     Front insert

O'Connell Street in November,  Dublin 23 Nov 2001     Front Cover   Back Cover  

O'Connell Street in November, Dublin 24 Nov 2001      Front Cover   Back Cover 

'Money' - Summer Pops Liverpool   5 July 2002               Front Cover   Back Cover

Derry, Prehan Playing fields 17 August 2002                      Front Cover    Back Cover

Torquay, Riviera Centre, 30 Aug 2002         'The Return of the Lion'                   Front cover      Back


Notting Hillbillies

Live at Ronnie Scott's  21 July 1999   Front Cover   Back Cover

Live at Ronnie Scott's  24 July 1999   Front Cover   Back Cover


Osborne, Joan

Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, 28 Oct 1995   Front Cover    Back Cover



Reader Eddi 

Live at Cabot Hall 1 Feb 2001           Front Cover    Back Cover


Shocked, Michelle

Live at the Bottom Line (with the Philosopher Kings)  Front Cover     Back Cover

Sigur Ros

Icelandic Opera House Reykjavik, Iceland 6th June 1999  Front Cover   Back Cover


Thompson, Richard   Roseland Theatre Portland Oregon   13 March 2001     Front Cover    Back Cover



Elevation tour Copenhagen 7th July 2001    Front Cover    Back Cover


Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings  Birchmere, Alexandria, VA, USA 5 Aug 2001    Front Cover    Back Cover

Waterboys, Newcastle, 2 April 1986           Front Cover      Back Cover

Waterboys, Leicester Polytechnic, 11 Oct 1985    Front Cover    Back Cover 

Waterboys, Birmingham powerhouse, 12 May 1986      Front Cover     Back Cover

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